Vertex.Market Closes a Series A Funding Round Leveraging Trading Security as Succeeding Factor

Pre-announced earlier this year Vertex.Market has finally made official a Series A found proving increasing growth despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / New peer to peer (p2p) crypto trading platform Vertex skyrockets and based on the promises, their recent success seems to be the tip of the iceberg. The company shifted from a Beta version to a complete platform just a few months ago, recording a 200% growth in a very short time, achieving a smooth market fit with the added credibility of a series A found round.

The ‘secret sauce’ of this success has to be found on the added safety that Vertex.Market provides compared to other peer-to-peer trading platforms. As reported: “the are many ways how the platform makes users wallet safe. On the top of the list, an insurance users can add to their wallet and – starting from September – even to their trades (insurance against being scamed). We make that possible through our cooperation with Coincover, an FCA regulated cryptocurrency insurance provider. This is something unheard in the crypto space, in line with our mission to provide our users with the highest standards of safety and to allow brokers to trade with confidence on our platform on behalf of their clients.

Another layer of safety & pricacy is added by the fact that transactions on Vertex are safely done through wallets without the intermediation of escrow accounts. Vertex freezes a sellers collateral, mostly done in Bitcoin or Tether (USDT) while the trade is pending and releases it, once the trade is completed, making it virtually impossible to conduct fraudulent transfer transaction. And, to make transactions even safer, the platform also provides a scoring system based on ratings, trade count and behavior paths detected algorithmically, that allows traders to find reputable sellers and buyers to put up offerings.

This also includes a VIP trader Status with several benefits, again tailored to suit high profile traders. To become a VIP trader a user needs to have made at least 1000 trades and he/she needs to report outstanding trading behaviour in the past. Vertex reviews frequently if a user is still suitable to be a VIP trader and once the label is “lost”, it cannot be regained.

With so much happening on the crypto world – from the Bitcoin halving on May 11 to the recent DeFi on Etehreum reaching the highest picks – there is a newly increased interest towards crypto. In this scenario, Vertex is convinced to take a foothold in the fast-growing peer to peer (p2p) cryptocurrency trading market adding value to the p2p trading community.


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