From a Single-family Rental Home Purchase to One of Ohio’s Biggest Family Rental Companies, Meet Tarry Summers

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Tarry Summers founded The Columbus Home Company which is a real estate investment company. Tarry started investing in real estate full time in 2013 by buying single family rental properties. Through guts, hard work, and lots of determination he has created one of Ohio’s largest single-family rental companies. Tarry came from working 80+ hour weeks in the fitness industry and was tired of working so much with sub-par compensation. He wanted to find a way to work less and make more, all while helping families find shelter and comfort. On April 12, 2013 Tarry left his corporate job at Chase. He set up a deal to purchase 16 rental properties, closed on all of them separately in one day, and then walked into his new career the next day.

One of the biggest challenges Tarry Summers faced when he first started his business was gaining capital. Coming from no real-estate background, Tarry was troubled with finding people to fund his business of the start. He put his first property under contract by himself and did what he had to do to gain capital going forward. Tarry was also faced with challenges in learning how to grow and expand his business. He had nobody guiding him, no partners, and no employees to help him find his way. Tarry literally went from nothing to something all by himself. Finally, Tarry was troubled with learning how to deal directly with people he did not know. With a whole new atmosphere and market, he had to find his way among other sharks to get his footing.

An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is crucial to the trajectory of their business. In Tarry Summers’s eyes, fear is just being afraid of the unknown, which incidentally, had no effect on him. Tarry went from the fitness industry to the real-estate business in the matter of a few days. Talk about the unknown. Tarry has built his business from the ground up, picking up pieces of the puzzle and knowledge all along the way. Tarry has no fear with his business, as it is simply motivation for him to proceed.

One’s mindset can be the key to opening a whole new world when it comes to starting your own business. In the case of Tarry Summers, mindset is everything. Tarry can walk out of his job with a smile one day and walk in with a smile the next day. In his eyes, if you are not happy mentally with what you are doing, you will not ever be happy. Tarry believes that authenticity is crucial for personal growth, as well as business growth. Without authenticity, Tarry feels like he is unable to succeed. With Tarry’s unstoppable mindset, he consistently outperforms his competition in the sector, all while having fun doing it. Tarry believes that when you can work your tail off and have fun doing it, the money is just a byproduct of your business.

Moving forward, Tarry Summers is working to double his real estate portfolio in the next 18 months, as well as expand The Columbus Home Company into new markets. To learn more about Tarry Summers and The Columbus Home Company, click here.

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