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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2020 / WheelHouse IT Proudly Announces Best-In-Class Global MSP Ranking by 2020 Annual Channel Future  

WheelHouse IT is proud to announce that the company has been ranked as one of the Best in Class MSP Businesses according to the 2020 Channel Future MSP 501. This is the 13th year that MSPs from around the world have competed for the prestigious award. Applicants are judged on revenue, health, and longevity, as well as the company’s commitment to recurring revenue goals, and the business’ operational cost-effectiveness. In 2020, Channel Futures ranked WheelHouse IT as number 94 of 501. 

“These benchmarks are what local businesses should examine when choosing a Managed Service Provider with the experience, skillset, business knowledge, and defined strategy to help them succeed in this fast-changing digital landscape,” says Kris Blackmon, Senior Content Director, Channel Partners, and Channel Futures. “In all the Managed Service Providers that Florida and New York have to offer, WheelHouse IT stands as a shining example of excellence.” 

Unanticipated at the beginning of 2020, the business world was forced to accelerate the pace at which it incorporates technology into everyday operations when the coronavirus pandemic hit. COVID-19 changed everything when millions of workers around the world were thrown unexpectedly into the chaos of learning to operate businesses from home. 

As we all know here in the US, businesses scrambled to get technology into the hands of employees who were suddenly locked down in their homes. They had to figure ways to keep a far-flung workforce in constant contact with the network and with each other. IT departments had to scope out ways to keep the network and its new, far-flung satellite offices safe from cybersecurity intrusions. 

While some businesses are thriving on the new model, others have questioned just how sustainable the working-from-home model will prove in the long-term. IT departments continue to struggle to protect networks from security breaches originating from less secure home networks. In addition, employees thrust into unfamiliar territory working at home wonder if they have everything that they need to stay productive, untroubled, and most of all safe. 

Into the breach steps WheelHouse IT 

WheelHouse IT uses Microsoft’s network of organizations to provide additional network security layers as well as portals to help manage employees. WheelHouse IT builds on Windows 10 Professional’s reliability and harnesses the collaborative capabilities of Microsoft’s Teams software. Together these capabilities make it possible to fully manage staff from anywhere.  

Communication is always job one whether the team works in the firm’s building or in their own homes. Microsoft’s Teams builds strong communication avenues that enable employees to form partnerships that foster collaborative work and allows them to troubleshoot. Microsoft Teams hallmarks are high productivity rates and robust team morale. Microsoft Teams, together with WheelHouse IT’s Modern Workplace solution, has everything teams need to succeed from anywhere. WheelHouse IT’s guide to Microsoft Teams demonstrates how Microsoft Teams helps grow businesses by using the new remote and digital environment to advantage. 

The combination of Windows 10 and Microsoft Teams means teams get the tools they require to do their jobs proficiently without interference and without fear of cybersecurity intrusions. In addition, WheelHouse IT provides first-class training that ranges from working with Microsoft 365 or basic security training to tips for working at home. And they do it included with each Microsoft license they sell. In this new digital business world, WheelHouse IT has eliminated the need to contact the physical office. They have the remote work scene covered. 

So while most work-from-home products allow workers to work remotely, they offer little substantive help. They do not address what happens when a loss of power takes out the electricity in a neighborhood or how a business can cope when the server or data center loses the internet connection. In such circumstances, remote work options are not helpful. But WheelHouse IT works to answer those questions through the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).  

WVD, centered within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, keeps network connections safe from natural disasters, power outages, and other unexpected events. It does this by safely connecting the network and staff to the cloud. The cloud provides 24/7/365 network connectivity. And that means staff attains the freedom to work anywhere, anytime; all they need is an internet connection.  

The best part is, that as part of the Microsoft network of organizations, WheelHouse IT can assist a business in acquiring all the world-class productivity, collaboration, and security products it needs. 

WheelHouse IT is a Managed Services Provider (MSP), and a Microsoft Gold Partner. Headquartered in South Florida and bi-coastal offices in New York and Los Angeles, the company has been in operation for 20 years during which time it has earned a stellar national reputation helping companies negotiate successfully through the world of Microsoft. WheelHouse IT has over 50 IT professionals that help companies save money by making the most out of the Microsoft network of organizations, so they can avoid paying for add-on services to do what they already have access to in the Microsoft universe. 

You can learn more about WheelHouse IT by visiting their website https://www.wheelhouseit.com  


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