Ricky Rene: Built By God, Inspired By Faith

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2020 / Ricky Rene Ascencio, known as ‘Ricky Rene’ is a Man of God. He is 29 years old from Los Angeles, CA, and is a serial entrepreneur, building his multiple businesses based off of God’s principles, promises, and power. He is well regarded in his industry for leading many organizations to do more than $25 million dollars in sales, and has kept his business afloat with all the obstacles COVID-19 has thrown his way.

Growing up in a family that struggled financially was difficult for Ricky as he watched his family constantly fight battle after financial battle. This inspired him from a young age to build a life for himself and create better circumstances for himself, his family, and humanity. Beyond his family, his faith also plays the main role in pursuing his God given purpose.

“My faith is always leading and guiding me into thinking bigger, dreaming bigger, praying bigger, and manifesting bigger for His Glory. Adding value to others lives on a mass scale has always been the vision God has put in my heart,” Ricky says.

His motivation and inspiration has led Ricky to build and lead sales teams in multi-level marketing and direct sales industry. Utilizing his sales and marketing expertise he partnered up with leaders in the digital marketing space to build his online brand “Ricky Rene”. Beyond that, Ricky has also worked with many Pro Athletes in the MLB and NFL under his company, Legacy LA, to build their online brand and social media presence. He currently works with over 25 pro athletes.

What’s more, in November of 2019, Ricky made a strategic partnership with a Real Estate Investor to launch a new Real Estate Investment Company called Cash Out On My Home. This is an industry well suited for Ricky as he has already done 1.5 million dollars in real estate transactions in a single month within the first 6 months of launching.

Through creating businesses, Ricky is able to add value to consumers and create new jobs in the marketplace.

“When we do it well we gain bigger profits allowing us to create a bigger impact and contribution to the world,” Ricky outlines.

Having steadfast morals and values is especially important in times of crisis. The current pandemic completely changed the day-to-day activities of all populations, and affected businesses in many different ways. For Ricky, however, this was seen as an opportunity to adapt to change, rather than a roadblock to operations.

“With business closing and limiting our ability to continue operation in our normal environments, it was essential to accept the changes, adapt to changes, and then make the changes work for you. I truly believe that we can be victorious or a victim through our circumstances. We must focus only on what we can control and take massive action on those things,” Ricky says.

The key to adapting to change, Ricky believes, is living a diligent and disciplined life. Although his daily schedule changed due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ricky was able to adapt his routine in a way that made sense with the new normal.

“Before COVID-19 I was up at 4:30AM, in the gym by 5:30AM, and then in my office by 7AM. After the lockdown, my schedule became more relaxed, and I was no longer on my systematic schedule. Business kept booming but something felt off. I realized it was essential to create new disciplines in our current circumstances in order to be fulfilled. Instead of the gym I took on running, running an average of 7 miles a day; when church doors closed I started an online ministry,” Ricky recalls.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, Ricky is still sticking to his goals for the year. Ricky aims to have over 7 million dollars in real estate transactions, to serve over 50 Pro Athletes, and to release his first book, titled A Eternal Devotional, by Spring of 2021

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