Deepak Agarwal Issued Special Job Generation Visa by the Government of the Philippines

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / In Spring of 2009, the Filipino Immigration Bureau provided just three foreign nationals with exclusive indefinite Job Generation Visas, in response to their hiring and continued employment of Filipinos. Alongside American Thomas Michael Reilly and Malaysian Tan Kee Lian, Deepak Agarwal was given a Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG), after employing 700 Filipinos as full-time and regular employees in managerial, executive, professional, technical, skilled, or unskilled positions.

Deepak “Dee” Agarwal is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has founded several large and successful ecommerce businesses. Best known for founding and leading the online retailer, in 2009 he was an incorporator of, a call center firm that provides data entry, phone support, and a host of other skilled services for its clients. Agarwal employed more than 700 Filipino workers in a variety of positions, and the business expanded vastly during his tenure, providing greater economic opportunities for Filipinos. Eleven years later, he has reflected on what his work in the Philippines meant to him.

“I was incredibly honored to be given this visa,” remembers Dee. “Our work in the Philippines was an extraordinary experience, and to be honored with this privilege from the Filipino government was a true sign of faith in our continued collaborative work.”

The visa-issuance also came at an extremely opportune moment. “At the time, the Philippines was suffering the extended effects of the global recession,” says Deepak. “The government was extremely thankful that we were continuing to do business there, and to reinvest in their country.”

Although he has since moved on from, Deepak Agarwal remembers cutting his teeth there as both a young entrepreneur and head of a tech startup. According to Dee, some of his fondest memories in his early career were from his work with associates in the Philippines. The fact that he was doing something few others had been able to was not lost on him.

“As one of only three foreign nationals to receive an indefinite visa from the Filippino government for work I was doing, I was grateful to be trusted by the Filippino government enough to receive a visa to continue working in the technology sector there,” says Dee.

These days Deepak Agarwal continues to work in entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropy. More information on his ‘Job Generation’ visa can be found at the original press release on the GMA News Network.

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