De Lune Launches Menstrual Health Products That Fight Period Symptoms

Steady Mood naturally reduces PMS mood swings while Cramp Aid relieves period cramps

DOVER, DE / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / Menstrual health company De Lune is announcing the launch of two menstrual health products that combine the latest science with all-natural ingredients. Steady Mood and Cramp Aid establish a new age of period health by using the best clinical research to provide safe, healthy, and drug-free period relief.

Steady Mood is a nutritionist-formulated blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that alleviates PMS symptoms like mood swings, irritability, sadness, and stress. At $26 per bottle, it helps users to soothe menstrual moods and outsmart PMS the natural way.

Cramp Aid is a high-potency, fast-acting herbal, and nutritional liquid-capsule that relieves period cramps. At $24 per pack, it targets period pain at the source and is a drug-free way to a painless period. Cramp Aid is created by menstrual health experts using the best peer-reviewed research.

Outsmart PMS With Menstrual Health Expertise

“I founded De Lune four years ago with a mission to help women find a healthy way to an easy period,” says Mimi Millard, CEO, and cofounder. “This was after I was hospitalized for an adverse reaction to a common painkiller. The De Lune team is introducing Steady Mood and Cramp Aid to help women experience the easiest cycle ever through non-toxic, non-drug efficacy.”

Steady Mood Benefits:

  • Soothe mood swings and stress at clinically-proven dosages.

  • Ease PMS symptoms through mood-stabilizing Rhodiola, uplifting saffron, calming magnesium, and serotonin-boosting vitamin B6.

  • Full-cycle support nourishes all phases of the menstrual cycle and optimizes menstrual and hormonal health.

In clinical trials, the benefits of Steady Mood’s ingredients grew more powerful with each cycle of use. Consumers take two tablets a day all month long. This product is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, made in the USA, sustainably sourced and packaged, and tested for purity and potency.

Cramp Aid Benefits:

  • Natural, non-toxic, drug-free relief for period pain.

  • Soothes uterine muscles safely and effectively.

  • A potent blend of research-backed nutrients and herbs at clinically-proven dosages.

  • Anti-inflammatory ginger, calendula, and zinc target period pain at the source, while antispasmodic dong quai, fenugreek, and vitamin B1 relax uterine muscles.

Cramp Aid is a drug-free way to a painless period. It provides natural relief for period cramps that nourishes the menstrual cycle from the inside out.

“When I founded De Lune, there was no established ‘natural period health’ category,” says Mimi Millard, CEO, and founder of De Lune. “Doctors generally prescribed painkiller drugs to mask the pain and hormonal birth control to artificially stop the period. Our team is excited to bring healthy alternative solutions to period mood symptoms and pain using the best clinical research.”

Menstrual Symptoms: A Widespread Problem

Half of the population go through menstruation and 90% experience period symptoms. Over 60 million Americans are currently on a menstrual cycle, which typically spans between the ages of 12-52. That’s four decades of dealing with monthly pain, mood swings, fatigue, bloating, and other symptoms. Period symptoms are the leading cause of missed work and school for women.

“Many adults do not understand how bad and how common period symptoms can be,” says Millard. “After years of consulting the best clinical experts and formulating with healthy, non-drug ingredients, we’re excited to launch Steady Mood and Cramp Aid. These solutions are research-backed menstrual essentials that are naturally effective and non-toxic. Steady Mood and Cramp Aid keep us happy and strong all month long.”

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