Brian Iregbu: How He Created an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle in a Year

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2020 / Brian Iregbu is a Nigerian entrepreneur who traded in his corporate employment under a Fortune 500 company to begin a new venture amongst the real estate investment industry. Through trading his six figure job, Brian has managed to acquire a $1.4 million dollar rental portfolio through creative finance. Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas and Baltimore, brought him to attend Morgan State University then finished at Lamar University. Brian graduated college with a degree in biology, minoring in chemistry.

Growing up in a household that preached the need for a college education, Brian followed suit to his family’s expectations and eventually became a science teacher and soon a six figure employee. Entrepreneurship was never exalted within his household which in turn brought about his advanced skills and knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur. A single year after Brian quit his corporate career, he managed to develop five businesses that excelled exponentially. The longing for a wider range of options and opportunities sparked a drive for seeking a new endeavour. He longed to construct a life for himself that rewarded him pride, time, and financial freedom of the wealthy. Brian recognized that creatively investing has shown to be the proven success path to success and inspired him to take a different career path than planned.

Approximately six years ago, Brian Iregbu began his business career in creative real estate investing due to the lack of fulfillment of a nine to five. Brian believed that no matter the amount of effort he inserted into his corporate job, it would never allow the flexibility and freedom of his own venture alone.

Through offering an increased amount of solutions to homeowners than most of their competition, they are able to provide a full service staff to cover every type of transactions that most investors would pass in up on. The real estate company applies no money down techniques to entice investors to expand their wealth through their company. With the security and safety the real estate industry provides, Brian thoroughly believes in his chosen career path. In just one year he managed to build the career path he had been searching for in his corporate career.

Brian Iregbu advises those seeking to start their own business to copy success and to learn to surround themselves with people who are like minded striving for something larger than themselves. He believes that success is health, wealth and spirituality for feeling a bigger purpose. He recognizes, “Success is someone accomplishing a worthy ideal in which they have set out for themselves. Though success was rapid for Brian Iregbu, understanding what exactly to focus and invest time into was a major challenge in his up and coming venture. As the company stands strong in the industry today, an obstacle he was faced with was learning how to find and recruit great employees that embodied his mission, vision, and values.

In terms of future plans, Brian Iregbu is currently working on a mentorship program where he will be showing students how to turn their annual salary into a monthly one through the real estate industry. Following that, he is weeks away from releasing an application on iOS and Android called Anydeal 2.0 dedicated to the real estate community. Brian truly encompasses the art of entrepreneurship in continuing to push his limits to create his dreams. To follow along Brian’s business and future ventures, click here.


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