FANDOM SPORTS Announces Operational Strategy

FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. focuses on ready to sell B2B live sports licensing business while FANDOM SPORTS Oy is fully dedicated for Esports

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2019 / FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. (CSE:FDM)(OTC:FDMSF)(FRANKFURT:TQ42) is pleased to announce the operational strategy for Q4, 2019 onwards.

The FANDOM SPORTS technology platform and live sports application will be licensed out to global sports organizations and telecom operators to engage their sports fan base while revving up current revenue for both the sports and telecom organization and FANDOM SPORTS through a revenue share model. The business model monetizes the fan base and the community, while hosting them is key to a successful licensing model for FANDOM SPORTS.

Licensing the business models since the inception. The first licensing pitches have been sent out for negotiations. The business model follows well-articulated study by a Delta Partners Group.

“To address this shifting model and potential revenue stagnation or declines from traditional commercial approaches, sports organisations need to boost revenues by engaging their fan base. Thinking of a smartphone as an internet connected screen, sports organisations have the potential to engage and monetise their fan bases globally. Sports teams are highly successful at building passion and loyalty with their fans, but there is a gap when it comes to the ability to monetise that engagement. Engagement of the fans is insufficient and needs to be underpinned by a commercial model. Sports organisations need to understand how to best utilise subscription, advertising and sponsorship, licensing, digital and physical transactions as well as data monetisation.”

Customizable features of the live sports application under the B2B licensing model include:

  • Two content channels; live sports predictions and daily top sports news
  • Content curated via URL link to respect the copyrights and content ownership, low content cost
  • The smart shell can broadcast all media, it is content agnostic
  • Game engine builds missions, levels, Mystery Boxes and experience points
  • The app experience is social and all about sports fandom
  • The aim is to use all platform features and the app shell to harness two million super fan community
  • The monetization is looked after by the Blockchain in app currency FANCOINTM.
  • FANCOINTM is enables to build scalable monetization around content and media including direct to consumer advertising where advertisers account rewards the player directly for consuming their ad content or by user generation User Generated Content to the brand
  • Target audience is 18-34 year-old super fans

Key takeaways for B2B licensing:

  • Sports fandom is global growth market
  • User acquisition strategy targets ONLY known, validated superfans
  • Superfan invites her/his own crew to the application
  • Free to Play game is funded with video ads and direct to consumer advertising
  • Players earn status experience points, rank on the leaderboards to earn greater privileges
  • FANDOM SPORTS is 1st to market with global sports fandom app with a partnership-based business model
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Users and Marketers engage directly on the App
  • The App is highly engaging experience with continuously updated fresh content

As the Board of directors are in favor of Esports App development and separate funding, FANDOM SPORTS OY has begun its fundraising efforts for FANDOM ESPORTS. The FANDOM ESPORTS App will revolutionize the global fan community with PLAY. PREDICT. GET REWARDED. The esports fan community is a massive global growth market and in the early days compared to established and regulated Live Sports and Sports Content market which has now saturated. The global market revenues generated from esports have rocketed in the last year.

“Realizing the potential of tapping into the esports market, some brands have already made significant investments into esports marketing. So the industry saw an impressive increase in revenue in the past years.

According to the previously cited Newzoo analysis, there has been an average revenue increase of more than 30% annually. And a large portion of it resulted from brand contributions. In 2016, the total esports revenue was $493 million, out of which $350 million came from brand investments. This increased by 33% year over year in 2017, where the total revenue was $655 million, and brand investments contributed to $468 million of this.

In 2018, the average year-on-year increase in total revenue was at an impressive 38.2%. The esports industry made a total of $906 million in revenue. Out of this, $694 million came from brand investments – both direct and indirect. That’s a 48% increase in brand investment from the previous year. Newzoo predicts that by 2021, esports will generate more than $1.6 billion in total revenue with $1.3 billion coming from brand investments.”


“Play. Predict. Get Rewarded.” FANDOM SPORTS Media is an entertainment and gaming company “Hell Bent” on finding and creating the best interactive sports and esports content. FANDOM SPORTS allow super fans to unleash their primal sports passions by engaging with other fans, cheering for their favourite teams and players and jeering their opponents.

The FANDOM SPORTS app allows users to unleash their primal sports passion by allowing fans to play, predict and get rewarded on real time sport and esports events. The company’s strategy is built-on a Blockchain Platform with global apps with one FANCOIN economy for super fans fight one another within an entertaining mobile application and to get rewarded for the action.

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