EBCF partners with Amazonian Communities to Launch AMA Coin, The World’s First Regulated Green Coin

NYON, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2019 / EBCF, a leading conservation agency, has partnered with local communities around the Amazon forest to introduce the world’s first regulated green coin – AMA Coin. This coin will promote a four pronged agenda: Sustainable development of local communities, Carbon offsetting, Environmental Conservation and sustainable harvesting of non-timber products.

EBCF has held successful meet ups with community stakeholders to drive up support for this project. So far, over 15 communities within the forest reserve have been engaged and their support, especially from the women folk, has been amazing. Moving forward, more consultative meetings will be held within the area to drive up support for this project and its related products.

EBCF is getting approval from Swiss authorities before launching this ICO. Participants will play a direct role in helping to conserve the Amazon rainforest as the funds that will be raised from this ICO will go directly towards conserving the Amazonian eco-system. The areas the ICO contributions will focus on are: creating six funds for: the creation of sustainable conservation units, the implementation of social projects, the achievement of environmental projects, the enforcement of climate projects, the development of environmental services, and the development of sustainable and eco-friendly trading.

Other products will be created within AMA Coin’s ecosystem and will help deepen financial inclusion within the Amazonian communities. The partners are also planning to launch a bank – Amabank – and Amacard. Amacard is a prepaid card that will use AMA Coin as its base currency. Once development is completed, the card will be used for commercial transactions across the internet and offline stores. It operates in the same way as a debit/credit card. Customers will top it up by purchasing AMA Coin from exchanges and depositing their coins on their card.

Amabank will focus on deploying ingenious banking solutions focused on empowering the local communities. This may involve table banking and establishment of community credit/savings organisations that will provide lending to the local communities and fund sustainable projects.

EBCF is also in talks with Cielo to launch a mobile app that will help its subscribers track their carbon footprint. Once launched, it will also allow subscribers engage in carbon trading.

AMA Coin is set to be launched on the 1st of November in a private sale. The main ICO is expected to start from February till April 2020. A total of 44 billion coins are expected to be put up for sale. Discounts will be offered on various stages of the sale with the initial discount being 20%. The retail price of AMA Coin will be $0.077 for every 10 AMA Coins. Participants can purchase the coins using ETH, BTC or Fiat Currencies (CHF, USD, EUR, GBP).

About EBCF

EBCF Amazonians Green Assets SA is a Swiss registered social entity. It is a subsidiary of EBCF Brazil that has been actively involved in the conservation of the Amazon rainforest for over ten years, and that actively conserves over 20 000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest within Brazil.

To learn more about the AMA Coin project, visit: https://amazoniansgreencoin.com
EBCF website: https://ebcf.com.br
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWf1p2O4-4nRD4Lu7XyhWgw

Facebook address: https://facebook.com/Amazoniansgreencoin

Contact details:

Name: Leonardo Barrionuevo
Organization: EBCF Group
Email: info@ebcf.com.br
Website: https://ebcf.com.br
Address: Rue de Rive 18, 1260, Nyon
Telephone: 80.430-180


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