FD Financial, Corp. Selling Alaska Salmon Cannery

ANCHORAGE, Alaska–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FD Financial, Corp., part owner of Santaska, Inc., announces today that
the Alaska cannery, Santaska, is on the block. It’s for sale.

We have had this valuable piece of property on the Egegik River in
Alaska of some years now, and it’s time to move on.” Reluctantly, Rudy
De La Garza CEO of FD Financial continues, “This was once one of the
biggest salmon canneries in Alaska. The dream was to rebuild and open
the cannery but, as many financial ventures end, this was just not in
the stars for my partners and me. We all had too many other commitments
and not near the time necessary to make this a reality.”

The Egegik River feeds into the Bristol Bay, and, during the fishing
season, it has hundreds of boats fishing for salmon.

The property owned by Santaska, Inc. consists of 29.16 acres with
various buildings including a dock with 75,000 square feet of warehouse
and floor space under roof, covered storage, dormitory facilities,
kitchen, commercial laundry, chapel, two houses and various other
outbuildings. Electricity is generated by four diesel generators. Fuel
for the generators is provided by a 500-gallon tank. The property has
available free fresh water from a nearby lake for fire and non-potable
uses and well water for drinking. Heating is provided by forced air
furnaces. The property and all improvements are being offered at $3,500,000.00
and brokers are welcome.

According to AlaskanCannery-fsbo.com: “This valued location was once a
full-time cannery called the Wards Cove Packing Company. The company
closed in 2004 and was sold to non-fishing interests as was agreed to at
the time.”

According to AlaskaSeafood.org: “Nationally, the Alaska seafood industry
creates an estimated 111,800 FTE jobs, $5.8 billion in annual labor
income, $14.6 billion in economic output. The national economic impacts
of Alaska’s seafood industry include $6.2 billion in direct output
associated with fishing, processing, distribution, and retail.”

According to the Alaska Resource Development Council: “Over half of the
nation’s commercially harvested fish come from Alaska, four times more
than the next largest seafood producing state.”


Rudy W. De La Garza CEO and President of FD Financial, Corp.

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