Ubiquity Ventures Announces Its First Portfolio Companies

New Deep-Tech Venture Capital Firm Invests In Software Beyond The

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ubiquity Ventures, a new seed-stage institutional venture capital firm
founded by Sunil Nagaraj, has made its first six investments in
start-ups that exemplify his vision of software leaping off the screen
and into the real world.

Ubiquity’s portfolio includes start-ups focused a wide range of
industries including agriculture, robotics, security, and artificial
intelligence. Each of these companies play to Nagaraj’s passion –
software that can have a more direct and tangible impact on our real
world lives away from the computer screen.

“I believe the companies in Ubiquity’s portfolio will be life-changing
for many people,” said Nagaraj, Founder and Managing Partner of Ubiquity
Ventures. “Some of these companies provide solutions to problems that we
didn’t know could be solved and the others have created breakthrough
software for brand new industries. From apps for dairy farmers seeking
less labor-intensive practices for herding and food safety to digital
training environments for safer self-driving cars – the technologies
provided by these six companies are ahead of the innovation curve and I
am thrilled to be helping them grow.”

The first six companies in Ubiquity’s portfolio are:

  • Eclypsium: Founded by security veterans, Eclypsium plugs a
    massive security hole in today’s enterprise as well as the coming wave
    of smart hardware: unguarded firmware. Their product defends the
    foundational software called firmware from malicious attacks and thus
    secures the hardware infrastructure that powers our world.
  • Elementary Robotics: Focused on building robust, affordable and
    human-safe robots, utilizing software breakthroughs in machine
    learning and computer vision.
  • Halter: Halter is a livestock management company that pairs a
    smart hardware collar with an AI-powered backend to enable smart dairy
    farm management. Their point-and-click “cowgorithms” can physically
    control how cows are moved around a farm to enable smart rules for
    increased milk production and better animal health.
  • Levl Technologies: Through their proprietary security
    technology, Levl prevents the impersonation of wireless transmitters
    to secure a variety of communications, especially with low-power
  • Parallel Domain: With the rise of self-driving vehicles,
    Parallel Domain enables the testing of self-driving cars through
    software that creates completely customizable photorealistic maps,
    dynamic agents and scenario management, as well as layered simulation
    to train self-driving cars in virtual environments before they are on
    the road.
  • Shoonya: By making Android secure and more practical for
    enterprise-owned devices, Shoonya is the layer that helps more
    software applications run in the field more securely and with more
    peace of mind.

As an entrepreneur himself, Nagaraj is able to take a founder-centric
approach to investing by moving as quickly as the CEOs he invests in and
providing early capital to high-potential teams. Meanwhile, he
prioritizes transparency, coaching, and working closely with the
executives in their portfolio to get them to market as soon as possible.
Nagaraj has an active board seat on almost all portfolio companies; his
Ubiquity Extended Team also provides continued technical and marketing
expertise to Ubiquity start-ups.

“Working with the wrong venture capital firm at the start can be a
mistake that has repercussions for years,” said Kevin McNamara,
founder/CEO of Parallel Domain. “Receiving VC funding is a dream come
true, but it’s important to us to get more than a check. One of the
reasons why partnering with Ubiquity was the right move for us is due to
Sunil and his team’s overall investment in our growth. They don’t just
write a check, walk away, and wait for their returns – they are involved
in our business and they understand our technology. We really feel like
we have a partner in Ubiquity who we can turn to for help whenever we
need it and that type of relationship is priceless.”

Ubiquity Ventures is a seed-stage
venture capital firm in Palo Alto, California focused on early-stage
investments in promising deep technology companies. Leveraging almost a
decade of institutional venture capital experience, Sunil Nagaraj leads
Ubiquity Ventures to fund startups pushing software beyond the screen
with a focus on smart hardware and machine intelligence applications.
With an extended team of over 30 experts with technical and marketing
expertise, Ubiquity Ventures aims to deliver superior returns through
providing funding and development assistance to promising companies to
position them for accelerated growth. More at http://www.ubiquity.vc


Kirsten Saladow, ksaladow@matternow.com

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