The CBD Klub Enters Agreement With Red Desert Farm, LLC To Cultivate Medicinal Quality CBD, The Agreement Provides For Up To 40 Acres Of Hemp Production

DEL MAR, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2019 / American Diversified Holdings Corporation (OTC PINK: ADHC) announced today that has entered an agreement with Red Desert Farms, llc a Southern Utah HEMP Farming operation. The agreement projects to grow up to 40 acres of Hemp which will be eventually be processed into medical quality CBD for the 2019 growing season.

The initial projections for up to ten acres of hemp production is estimated to generate approximately $1mm in revenue. We are further evaluating a larger scale projected production schedule of up to 40 acres depending on demand from prospective buyers of the fall harvest.

All information on the terms and conditions can be found at

Red Desert Farms, llc has received state licensing allowing for hemp cultivation. The agreement provides for ADHC to provide financing and other consulting services to process and market the harvest. Red Desert Farms, llc will farm the land and handle all aspects of the cultivation process.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for ADHC and to enter the Hemp production and cultivation business. The projections are very attractive in terms of limited investment capital required and potential profitability,” commented ADHC.

Revenue and profitability projections can be found in more detail at

This transaction is expected to be finalized in the near term and more information communicated to shareholders in the near future.

On the federal legislative front, US Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Corey Booker D-NJ has proposed new legislation to fully legalize marijuana through out the US. Senator Booker was joined in sponsoring this bill with Co Presidential Candidates: Elizabeth Warren D-MA, Bernie Sanders, D-VT, Kamal Harris, D-CA and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-MN. The bill know as The Marijuana Justice Act will fully legalize Marijuana in all 50 states and de-schedule THC from the DEA as a Schedule 1 Drug.

For more information on the MARIJUANA JUSTICE ACT Please see.

“The Marijuana Justice Act will finally unshackle US cannabis business from the conflicting and arcane federal policy. ADHC will be in optimal position to capitalize on this legislation and achieve tremendous growth,” commented ADHC.

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Bloomberg Edelson LLC is a boutique marketing & consulting firm located in the Seattle Metro Area. The firm is known for its “Innovative Cannabis Branding” strategies by creating living brands that are engaging and responsive. Members of the firm’s advisory team have lived, breathed and thrived in the Cannabis/Hemp/CBD marketplace for 15 years.

Bloomberg Edelson LLC, clients include with new startups, established business looking to branch into the Cannabis arena and public corporations. See for more information.

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AURACIS(TM) is a patented bio-device company utilizing Trans-cutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) for migraine pain management. is a unique E-commerce platform connecting consumers suppliers manufacturers and growers of Cannabis with emphasis on CBD for both humans and pets.

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