Sansoro Health Empowers Innovation with Emissary Proof of Concept

Sansoro’s cloud-hosted test environment allows health IT vendors to
preview application workflow and experience the value of Emissary before
buying into it

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Live electronic health record (EHR) environments can be difficult to
attain and the wait to find a test partner can slow down the sales cycle
for health IT vendors. Today, Sansoro
Health, Inc.
, a pioneer in health care data integration, announced
their Emissary proof
of concept
(POC), a cloud-hosted interface that allows health IT
developers to bring their innovations to market quicker.

Competitive test environments almost always include a single-server
populated with test data to demonstrate their API endpoints. The POC
connects to environments across multiple EHRs, allowing health IT
developers to manually test workflows in a real-world environment and
demonstrate the value of connecting once with Emissary’s universal APIs.

“Customer innovation is stifled because they can’t access a real-world
EHR environment, costing significant time and IT resources. Our POC
solves this by connecting Emissary to a real EHR system that is built
and configured just as it is in a production setting,” said John Orosco,
CTO at Sansoro Health. “The activity and reference data available
through Emissary will exemplify what a health IT vendor can expect when
connected to a live EHR system. This enables health IT developers to
confidently code their integrated workflow ahead of implementing at the
first EHR site.”

The POC key features and functionality include:

  • Cloud-hosted environment to demonstrate roadmap innovations
  • Multiple EHR connections, pre-populated with test data
  • Authentication keys managed by customer, expiration date and available

Emissary’s POC is available immediately and is currently connected to
live EHRs.

Emissary is used by health IT vendors across the health care industry.
It facilitates real-time data exchange between applications and EHRs,
allowing innovators to build the leading-edge tools that providers need
for monitoring patients, managing the environment and ensuring secure
data flows.

About Sansoro Health
Sansoro Health provides powerful,
one-stop integration solutions for enterprise health technology leaders
so they can rapidly deploy and scale innovative solutions. Health IT
innovators leverage Emissary®, Sansoro Health’s award-winning
software platform, to install swiftly, deliver robust functionality, and
slash integration resources. Sansoro Health believes deeply in the power
of innovation and collaboration to usher in the next generation of
health care. To learn how Emissary creates integration at the speed of
innovation, visit


Samantha Pierce
ReviveHealth for Sansoro Health

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