GRC Designs Fully-integrated, Containerized, Cost-Efficient Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions for the US Air Force

GRC deploys two expedited data center build outs and expansion
using ICEtank
TM for the US Air
Force Test Authority

the leader in immersion cooling for data centers, today announced
successful deployment of two modular, transportable data centers, at Hill
Air Force Base near Salt Lake City in Utah and Tinker Air Force Base in
Oklahoma City, OK
. This deployment resulted in 18.1% less power
required to run the servers and a reduction of 93.1% PUE, with a 41.4%
overall reduction in total power use.

These installations of GRC’s proprietary ICEtankTM
immersion cooling solution address the USAF needs for turnkey,
containerized data centers that can be deployed in less than 24 hours,
in a wide range of environments, with reduced required support equipment
and maintenance costs, and that can be remotely monitored and
controlled. Based on the success of this project, GRC is working with
the USAF to develop the next generation production units.

“We are working with GRC on these data center deployments,” said Mike
Neri, Director Communications and Information at Hill Air Force Base.
“They worked closely with us to design a system to meet our unique needs
for mobility and rapid deployment, and for data centers that can
withstand harsh environments.”

GRC ICEtankTM immersion cooling solution is a turnkey data
center container with complete cooling and power infrastructure. This
specialized installation for the USAF has resulted in 100% uptime for
both containers (approaching three years of cumulative testing) and have
significantly reduced power usage.

“Working with the US Air Force on this project is exciting,” said Peter
Poulin, CEO of GRC. “They subject their data centers to some of the
toughest conditions we’ve ever seen. We were thrilled to work so closely
with their team to deliver automated, efficient, easy to transport, low
cost ICEtankTM data centers. I look forward to continuing
this partnership and helping them build out future data centers.”

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About GRC

GRC is the immersion cooling authority. The company’s patented immersion
cooling technology radically simplifies deployment of data center
cooling infrastructure. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air
handlers, humidity controls and other conventional cooling components,
enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and
maintenance costs. GRC’s solutions are deployed in thirteen countries
and are ideal for high density computing, including artificial
intelligence, blockchain, HPC, and other GPU-centric applications. They
are environmentally resilient and space saving, making it possible to
deploy the solution in virtually any location with minimal lead time.
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