Epic’s Digital Currency Holders Will Be Able to Access Their Accounts 24/7

DUNEDIN, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) (“EPIC” or “Company”) and Ronald S.
Tucker announced “that the EPIC digital currency software will allow
EPICcoin™ holders to access their digital currency accounts 24/7.”

Digital Currency Software

Recently it was reported that investors in Canada’s largest
Cryptocurrency Exchange were unable to access their funds in the
exchange after the exchange’s founder died. The funds were estimated to
be in the amount of $190 Million.

EPIC will not be using blockchain technology for its digital currency
software. Its holders of digital currency will become part of the EPICcoin.Net
community and will have access to their accounts 24/7 through a
universal but private software.

EPICcoin Methodology

EPIC has developed a methodology where its subsidiary EPICcoin, LLC,
will sell the EPIC Silver Coin which will be converted into a digital
currency, EPICcoin™. EPIC’s EPICcoin, LLC, will be selling the EPIC
Silver Coin on EPICcoin™s, LLC’s, BuyEPICcoins.com
website. EPICcoin LLC, will shortly be beta testing the sale of EPIC
Silver Coins.

About EPIC

EPIC is different kind of crypto company. It and its subsidiaries have
developed a methodology that creates a usable digital currency that will
enable consumers to purchase basic products and services from standard
retail and wholesale companies, including its subsidiaries EPIC Online
Brokers, LLC and EPICcoinEx™ LLC.

Digital currencies must have and maintain a relatively stable price to
be used in financial and commercial transactions. Cryptocurrencies,
because of their extreme price fluctuations, generally are not a usable
digital currency. The price fluctuations create a lack of confidence,
acceptance, and utilization in mainstream commercial and retail markets.
EPIC’s digital currency will have a variable but stable price and
possess an inherent potential for value appreciation.

Cryptocurrencies, for the most part, are a reckless speculative
investment under the pretext of being a digital currency.

The EPICcoin™, to avoid being a reckless speculative investment, can be
bought and sold through the future EPICcoinEx, LLC, which will maintain
a bid and offering price at a calculated value with respect to the
quoted spot price of silver. EPICcoin™ does have an element of
speculation because its price can move up and down. An increase in price
could give it greater purchasing power, but a decrease in price would
reduce its purchasing power.


Scott McIntosh
Email: info@epiccor.com

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