Eclipse Ventures Adds Mike McNamara and Sanjay Jha As General Partners

Former Flex CEO, Mike McNamara and former Global Foundries CEO,
Sanjay Jha, bring extensive experience to power continued growth of
full-stack portfolio

Eclipse closes $500 million early-stage fund to invest in full-stack

, the firm focused on full-stack companies, announced today
the addition of two new general partners. Mike McNamara comes to Eclipse
from Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX), where he served as CEO. Sanjay Jha previously
led Global Foundries and Motorola Mobility. The technology executives
join the firm as it closes its third fund, a $500 million early-stage
fund focused on investing in full-stack companies.

operates under the investment thesis that full-stack companies are key
to disrupting legacy industries. These companies vertically integrate
multiple technologies to create a complete, comprehensive solution,
rather than simply innovating on one area of the stack.

Because full-stack companies are designed to tackle significant and
complex problems at a systemic level, they require clear guidance,
creative thinking and actionable insight from proven leaders. Mike
McNamara and Sanjay Jha add even more of this expertise to the already
strong Eclipse

“Mike and Sanjay have enjoyed very impressive careers running complex,
vertically-integrated companies,” said Lior Susan, founding partner of
Eclipse. “Mike is an unrivaled manufacturing and supply chain expert,
whom I have known and worked with for many years. Sanjay is one of the
most successful executives from the semiconductor and consumer telecom
industries. We are excited to add their talents to our team as we
continue to provide the operational discipline necessary to successfully
build companies that will redefine industries.”

For the past 12 years, Mike McNamara served as CEO of Flex, one of the
world’s largest, multinational technology manufacturing companies.
During his tenure, McNamara oversaw operations in more than 30
countries, with an employee base of over 200,000 people. Flex nearly
doubled its size under his leadership, particularly as McNamara led many
successful acquisitions, including the $11B acquisition of Solectron.
Covering everything from aerospace and defense, medical devices,
consumer electronics to soft goods, the level of complexity and
multi-disciplinary execution McNamara has navigated is invaluable to any
full-stack startup.

“For the past decade, technological innovation has been relatively
incremental, but an opportunity now exists for substantive
transformation and disruption through full-stack models,” said Mike
McNamara, Eclipse’s new general partner. “I believe that we can rebuild
complex systems such as transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and
construction using stacks of today’s technology to meet tomorrow’s

Similarly, Sanjay Jha was most recently CEO of Global Foundries, creator
of semiconductor technologies for a broad array of verticals. Global
Foundries’ technology has powered some of the highest-growth industries
of the last few years, most notably IoT and AI. Before joining Global
Foundries in 2014, he was Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility. He also
served as the COO of Qualcomm and President QCT for nearly a decade.
Jha’s ability to spot and work with incredible entrepreneurs in both
corporate M&A and angel investing underscores his value to the Eclipse
team and the entrepreneurs it serves.

“Eclipse has differentiated itself through a bold approach to
investing,” said new partner, Sanjay Jha. “Because of its laser focus
and unwavering commitment to full-stack, I am confident that Eclipse’s
portfolio companies will redefine the industries that impact our lives.
This is a mission I can throw all of my energy behind, and I cannot wait
to roll up my sleeves and get started.”

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About Eclipse

was founded to meet the unique and unmet needs of entrepreneurs building
full-stack startups: companies integrating multiple layers of technology
such as hardware with software, data and AI. The firm believes these
companies will power the future. Eclipse is uniquely equipped to provide
founders with the expertise and operational discipline necessary to
build industry-redefining companies. The company espouses disruption and
change at the systemic level.


Amber Moore

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